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Fow Wow Redstone Arsenal Strange Noises T-Shirt Red

Fow Wow Redstone Arsenal Strange Noises T-Shirt Red

Designer: Fow Wow Designs

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Do you remember your first time?  The first time you were eating a Zesto burger on a stick, riding bikes with the family, working at your horse stall cubicle in Research Park, feeding ducks at Big Spring, about to take a bite out of a green bean burrito from Bandito, asleep in your tent on monte sano, in another state or country on vacation.......and you heard that earth shattering.......BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM-SHA-KA-LA-KA

Did you hear that?  What the dog mess was that?  The arsenal is blowing some crap up I guess....Then you move on with your life like nothing happened.

Not me...I think...What if it was an alien invasion?  What if "they" just created the real life DeLoreon that can go back to when Mullins was open and burgers were .10?  SOOOOO MANY what ifs?

Either way, if you are like me then you nervously wonder what those STRANGE NOISES are happening on the arsenal since 1941.

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