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Live Target Mullet Wakebait 4.5in

Live Target Mullet Wakebait 4.5in

Designer: Live Target

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The Mullet Wakebait offers enticing action and incredible life-like detail. This floating mullet can tempt serious strikes out of any saltwater gamefish. It replicates a fleeing mullet in the upper water column, often breaking the surface in its attempt to escape. It creates a turbulence that is both seen and felt by predators. It can be effectively fished at different speeds, either burn it back or creep it for any gamefish committed to surface and subsurface feeding.


Each ShippableNo

Hook Size1

Inner Pack ShippableNo

Lure Body TypeHardbait

Lure ClassificationSaltwater

Lure ColorSilver & Black

Lure ShapeFish

Lure Size4 1/2"

Lure Target SpeciesFlounder | Redfish | Snook | Trout | Striped Bass

Lure Weight11/16 oz

Master Pack ShippableNo

Swimming Depth0 - 1 ft


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