Neck Fan with LED Light Trend Tech

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Bring the cool with you anytime, anywhere with the FANtastic LED hands free neck fan, designed to keep you cool no matter where you go! Say goodbye to sweaty pores, smudged makeup, and messed up hair! Our wearable, portable neck fan keeps you looking great even in the highest heat! Adjust our around-the-neck fan for your preference and use! Use it on a low speed at the office, or at a high speed for a run on a hot day! Don't get slowed down by your fan running out of juice! Our battery lasts up to 3 hours on high speed, and recharges quickly to keep you cool! Enjoy a comfortable, lightweight fan with easy-to-adjust arms that sit easily on your neck! Plus, turn on or off the included LEDs for a fun light to keep you seen day or night!

Available Colors:

  • Neon Pink
  • Black
  • Blue
Made for Maximum Comfort!
Enjoy a cool, refreshing breeze, any day, any time! The FANtastic LED Neck Fan provides a cool gust of air, while sitting comfortably around your neck! Great for use in your home, office, or outside! Hit Add to Cart for a refreshing breeze, all the time!

Beat the Heat!

Enjoy the outdoors without all the drawbacks of heat and sweat! Keep your look going strong with a consistent breeze keeping your hair and makeup looking perfect!

Long Battery Life for Endless Fun!

Don't worry about your neck fan running out of juice when you need it most! Our battery lasts up to 3 hours on high speed, and recharges quickly to keep you cool.

Perfect for a Day at the Amusement Park, or Any Day In The Sun

Be prepared for your next day at the amusement park, your next long walk, or your next sports game! Everyone loves a cool breeze on their face, and you can be the envy of the event with your own neck fan!

A Great Gift For Your Favorite Outdoors-lover!

Give a gift that is sure to amaze and see constant use! Your friend or loved one won't want to turn off their LED Neck Fan, and will love the gift!