Nightball Basketball - Orange

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By Tangle

The NightBall™ Basketball is unlike any basketball you’ve ever seen before. Now you can shoot hoops anytime, anywhere—day or night! 

Get hot with your shot! The NightBall Basketball from Tangle® boasts a unique matrix design, making this ball easy to grip, dribble, bounce and shoot! With super bright LEDs built right into the ball, it will amaze you as it bounces and travels through the air! The ball is regulation size, and the batteries are easy to replace!


  • Liven up the court with the Tangle® NightBall™ Basketball.
  • Featuring LED motion-activated technology, every time you dribble and shoot, the bright LEDs light up for a fun and exciting game indoors or outdoors.
  • The more it moves, the brighter it lights up!
  • Requires 6 watch batteries—included.
  • Easy to bounce, shoot, and dribble.
  • Made with durable, long-lasting TPR material (latex-free, phthalate-free and non-toxic); it's even waterproof and floats in water.
  • Full size and inflatable, this regulation-size basketball measures 9.1 inches in diameter.
  • Comes with fully replaceable batteries to ensure the fun never ends!
  • The ball lights up to provide sensory feedback as children dribble, pass and shoot it.
  • Playing with friends will build social skills and self-esteem.