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Leaf in Creek -Viera has partnered with The Social Light Society, a group of Space Coast area women for a Bible study to encourage and strengthen moms. After several months of quarantine we’ve found that fellowship is more important than ever! We hope you join in this journey!

“The Social Light Society” requests your enlistment in the tribe of The Warrior We Call Mom. Our society seeks to create encouragement, enlightenment within our community.

The Warrior We Call Mom

For our first gathering we are laying the foundations of which faith and family thrive. Moms. Warriors…

We will spend 8 weeks exploring the book The Warrior We Call Mom, by Devan Wallace. She points to truth on how to “light our arrows on fire, gather our strength, pull our bow, and release it to bring light into darkness that will shift a nation and shake the world.”

“It is one of the most enlightening and spiritual approaches to see our role as warriors and the impact our role has in the kingdom battle for generations to come.”

 Crystal Chaffiot, founder of “The Social Light Society”. 

🚨 Reading will start July 20th- Zoom calls will start week of July 27th –Week of September 7th, 2020

We will invite you to join us for a Zoom call each week at 8 pm where we will cover the previous 2 chapters for the prior week. Each 25 minute zoom call will feature 4 Unique Warrior Moms’ to discuss the chapter while giving tips and experience on how to “keep your arrow on target.” We will record and post the panel, along with discussions, stories and equipment on our facebook group “The Social Light Spotlight- Warrior Mom”.

The reading commitment is manageable @ 5 pages a day = 2 Chapters a week and no homework!

Your $20 purchase will include:

⭐︎ A copy of The Warrior We Call Mom book

⭐︎ Access to “The Social Light Spotlight-Warrior Mom” Facebook Group/ Weekly Zoom meetings

⭐︎ Exclusive invite to one of our 3 Launch Parties:  “Warrior” at Leaf In Creek in the Avenues. (*Events are a drop in/mixers with snacks, photo booth, themed merchandise and a free gift!)

⭐︎ A Donation to the international anti-trafficking organization Rescue Freedom : Freedom Hikers

⭐︎ The support of multiple local businesses!

Pick one Warrior Launch Party to RSVP and Reserve your book:

If you cannot attend any of these dates, we will donate event cost to Rescue Freedom.

Your book will ready for pickup at the store after July 14th - Click Here to Order Book

Tuesday July 14 2020

Tuesday, July 14, 2020: 9:30-11:30,( includes “A Mommy and Me Stroller Workout” class from 9:45-10:15)


Thursday July 16 2020

Thursday, July 16, 2020: 6:30-8:30 PM


Sunday July 19 2020

Sunday, July 19, 2020: 2-4 PM


For any additional questions please email