Tiki Toss Shortboard


The mini version of Tiki Toss Surf Edition!   Sometimes Tiki Toss needs to fit into a tighter space, or maybe you just want to spend half the price!  The Shortboard edition is the solution. Crafted out of the same materials, and including the same components as the original Tiki Toss Surf Edition, the Shortboard has become one of our most popular products since launched in 2016.  The perfect stocking stuffer gift.  

Tiki Toss, The Original Hook and ring game is addictive, competitive and always the life of the party!  Mount indoors or out and take your parties, barbecues, get-togethers, reunions, etc to a new level! Play solo while on a work call or use to settle family decisions.  Whether in the backyard, basement, garage, mancave, dorm room, game room, or anywhere else in the house, Tiki Toss will get continuous play. Just minutes to set it up and the competition begins! 

Crafted with the ultimate Hook and Ring Experience in mind, all components are designed and manufactured in house.  100% Bamboo Backboard, Quick Connect Hook, Pass Through Ring and Signature String sets Tiki Toss apart from copycats.  When it comes to Hook and Ring, make sure it’s Official Tiki Toss!  

  • FAMILY FUN - A Perfect Family Game That Everybody Will Enjoy - Kids, Teens and Adults.
  • PLAY ANYWHERE - Play Games Indoor or Outdoor, In Your Yard, On The Patio, Or While Camping!
  • SIMPLE TO USE - The Game Is Easy To Learn And It's More Fun Than Any Board Game!
  • EASY SET-UP AND COMPACT - Simple 5 Minute Setup. The Shortboard Edition Is A Perfect Fit For Tighter Spaces
  • WHAT YOU GET - Bamboo Backboard (5.75") with Flowerchild Graphic, Low Thread Profile Hook, Pass Through Ring with String attached, Eye Hook, Mounting Screws, Cord Lock.